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General facts about Latvia


Population 2,334,200
Territory 64,589
Ethnic composition 55,7% Latvians
32,3% Russians
3,9 % Belorussians
2,9% Ukrainians
2,2% Poles
1,3% Lithuanians
Capital Riga (population 753 000)
First mentioned in the chronicles in 1201
Language Latvian-Baltic language group, Indo-European family
of languages (non Slavic). Inhabitants also speak
Russian, English or German
Sea Baltic Sea coast length 497km. largest sea resort city Jurmala (33 km)
Climate Moderately warm with summers mostly sunny. Average summer temperature +23C. Average winter temperature -5C.First snow fall in December.
Currency The Latvian Lats (LVL), 1 EUR=approx.0,60 LVL
Local Time GMT +2 hours
Religion Protestant, Catholic, Russian Orthodox
Visas Citizens of most countries do not require visas for entering Latvia. More information on

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